Electric Heat Tracing Training

What is the E-Academy 

The Heat Tracing E-Academy is a structured lesson format which allows students to progress through a well documented lessons covering various topics of heat tracing. Throughout their learning experience they will be presented with short test/exams to ensure that they are absorbing the information that has been presented to them.

The lessons can be taken at a students leisure and they will be supported by an on-line 'Professor' should they have any questions.

To be successful, a Student must read all of the Lesson content and pass the tests in the E-Academy to at least 85% success rate

When a Student passes the Lesson, they will be provided a certificate showing when they passed their Level 1 - Heat Tracing Design

Level 1 - Basic/Intermediate

Preface and Pre-requisites

This learning module has been aimed at electrical designers who already have an awareness of electrical distribution systems and simple mechanical theory.

It is assumed that the designer has little or no knowledge of heat tracing and wishes to be able to design relatively simple heat tracing pipework.

By the end of this learning module the designer will;

  • Understand what heat tracing is used for and the industry areas it can be used in
  • Understand the relevant international standards that govern heat tracing
  • Be able to calculate the amount of heat required to maintain a pipe at a particular temperature
  • Analyse large or small piping systems and be able to break it down into manageable and logical groups
  • Allocate the correct heating cable to the system
  • Choose the correct ancillaries required to complete the system
  • Calculate the power requirements for the heating system

It is assumed before starting this module that the designer has a basic understanding of electrical principles and Ohms Law.

Visit: hte-academy for more information

Upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate of completion for Design of EHT by the ETHIC council that they have successfully completed the courses to a Level 1 in Heat Tracing Design. This certificate is valid for 3 years, at which point the student should re-take the course.

There is no commitment at any time to purchase courses

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