Heat Tracing and Applicable Standards

Electric heat tracing is governed by a number of International and National Standards covering Industrial (Safe) and Industrial (Hazardous) locations. A list of the most important standards, to which many of Ethic's members' products are approved, are shown in the table below

For purposes of clarity, this document focuses on the standards developed especially for Electric heat tracing:-

  • IEC62395 - Electric Heat Tracing for Safe Industrial locations or commercial applications
  • IEC60079-30 - Electric Heat Tracing for Hazardous locations (formerly IEC62086)

This is because these are the most recent publications, and are truly international. The International Electro-technical Commission comprises most industrialised nations from all continents.

The trace heating industry is co-operating to produce harmonised standards. Currently the hazardous location part of IEEE515 and IEC60079 are being directly aligned into a single dual-logo standard.

Heat Trace

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