The list of applications and Market sectors is absolutely huge and the use of electric heat tracing is very diverse.

By expanding the accordions below, you will see a range of typical applications that can be used in various Market Sectors.

Residential/Commercial Sector

Roof and Gutter HeatingPond Heating

  • roof and gutter de-icing
  • maintaining the temperature of hot water pipes
  • freeze protection of cold water pipes and tanks
  • freeze protection of boiler condensate pipes
  • pond heating
Road and Ramp HeatingSoil Warming
  • floor warming and other space heating duties
  • Greenhouse Soil Bed warming
  • ...and many others

Industrial Sector


Bakery equipment

  • heating fuel oil pipes to the ovens
  • bread fat heating
  • anti-condensation for flour storage
  • heating glucose and sucrose products


  • heating malt, glucose and water pipes and tanks
  • fuel oil systems


  • heating numerous viscous liquids and/or gases
  • research projects
  • many refinery applications

Ceramic industry

  • heating fuel oil
  • paint and varnish heating

Chocolate and sweets

  • heating chocolate in pipes and vats
  • heating chocolate in road tankers
  • heating liquid sugars
  • heating cocoa butter and fats

Detergent and soaps

  • heating various viscous liquids
  • general frost protection


  • >many applications especially in the pharmaceutical
  • industry where waxes, tallows and stearates are used

Non-ferrous metal industries

  • fuel oil heating and frost protection
  • Oil industry
  • fuel oil heating
  • lubrication oil heating
  • oil additives heating
  • many refinery processes require tracing


Drying and cleaning

  • heating fuel oil
  • dyestuffs manufacture

Electric motors

  • curing glass-fibre banding tape
  • heating commutators during manufacture
  • anti-condensation heating

Electric transformers

  • curing glass-fibre banding tapes
  • drying out oil-filled transformers
  • frost protection of water-filled transformers

Food processing

  • heating many food process materials, eg malt, sugars,
  • molasses, sauces, honeys, jams,
  • Chocolates, waxes, fats, cooking oils
  • keeping powdered food dry
  • heating storage tanks
  • tracing refrigeration rooms


Power generation stations

  • boron water
  • carbon dioxide
  • fuel oil
  • caustic solutions
  • instrument lines
  • frost protection
  • pre-heating steam lines to prevent stress
  • Precipitator - fly ash hoppers and silos
  • flue gas desulphurisation processes, i.e. frost protection and liquid sulphur temperature maintenance

Road construction

  • heating asphalt (bituminous tar) and pitch in road stone plants
  • fuel oil
  • frost protection of sand and aggregate in storage hoppers

Iron and steel

  • fuel oil systems
  • frost protection
  • grease pipelines
  • hopper heating


  • inks and dyes during manufacture and storage

Plastics industry

  • curing thermosetting resins
  • accelerated curing of glass fibre

Sprinkler & fire system manufacture

  • frost protection of water-filled lines


  • heating drain lines and drip trays
  • heating refrigerator doors
  • anti-frost heave of concrete floors


  • curing rubber sections and fabrications