Heating Loads

Calculating the Heat Loss

As its name implies , this form of heating is used to balance or compensate for heat losses from a pipeline to the surrounding atmosphere. The following formulae may be used to calculate the amount of heat required:

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Heat loss balance for pipelines

Formula 1

W = 2.75k (T-t)         W/m
        E .log 10 (D/d)

Where ;

  • W= watts /metre heat input required
  • k= thermal conductivity of insulation material watts/m C
  • T= temperature to be maintained C
  • t=ambient temperature C
  • D= diameter across insulation
  • d = outside diameter of pipe
  • E= efficiency factor , use 0.73 but may vary

Raising Temperature of pipelines

In the majority of cases, it’s more economical to maintain the heating over short shutdown periods, e.g. weekends than to make provision for heating up from cold. Where its essentials to provide sufficient heat for warming up in addition to heat loss compensation, the time allowed for warming up should be 12-24 hours, as shorter periods normally involve inconveniently high loadings.

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