Objective a system that works

Modern processes and technological advances led to an increase in the number of companies involved in the manufacture, design or installation of electric trace heating systems around the world.

A need arose for an organization to represent the industry and promote the correct use of Electric Trace Heating.This organisation is called ETHIC – The Electric Trace Heating Industry Council.

The major objective of ETHIC is to act in the interests of the Electric Trace Heating Industry and its customers

To do this it will endeavour:-

  • To promote the correct use of industrial Electric Trace Heating equipment of approved quality , and promote its wider use.
  • To act in the interests of the Electric Trace Heating Industry and its customers.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of specifications, standards of performance and codes of practice for Electric Trace Heating .
  • To ensure that such standards are upheld by its members.
  • To initiate and/or arrange educational and training activities in Electric Trace Heating.
  • To provide a means of communication between Manufactures, Suppliers Designers and installers of Electric Trace Heating Equipment, and the Specifiers an Users of such equipment.
  • To provide guidance to members for the conduct of the industry.
  • To undertake public relations activities to Publicise the objectives of theCouncil.
  • To co-operate with such other bodies in the United Kingdom and elsewhere as may assist in the attainment of these objectives.
  • To undertake any other activity which is conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

Further Training - The Heat Trace E-Academy

When designing and installing an electrical trace heating system, we must adhere to the standards placed upon us. Any system from it's early concept through to handover and operation must consider the following;

  • Most importantly it must be safe to operate
  • Must follow the relevant guidelines

In this website we lay down some basic guidelines which should make you aware of the relevant standards and a brief overview of the various considerations required when considering the design of an electrical heat tracing system.

To take this understanding further, ETHIC provide on-line heat tracing Design Courses which will further increase this knowledge and train an engineer or designer to become fully aware of all aspects of heat tracing design.

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